Charges Held to Court Against Philipsburg Man Accused of Strangling Girlfriend During Assault

CLEARFIELD – A Philipsburg man has been accused of strangling his girlfriend during an assault.

Adam Lee Sypin, 30, has been charged by Trooper James Ensor Jr. of the Clearfield-based state police with felony strangulation, misdemeanor terroristic threats and simple assault, plus one summary.

Sypin had all charges held to county court following his preliminary hearing on Wednesday at the Clearfield County Jail. Bail has been set at $75,000 monetary.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred July 24 at a Dinky Road address in Decatur Township, according to the affidavit of probable cause filed with the office of Magisterial District Judge Jerome Nevling.

The victim, Sypin’s girlfriend, called state police stating that Sypin had “ambushed” her at her residence. She said when she came home, she went upstairs where Sypin was hiding and he reportedly told her “we’re both dying today.”

Sypin allegedly punched her, grabbed her by the neck, picked her up and slammed her against the wall. She said her vision “turned black” while he was choking her, then when she fell to the floor, she could feel her whole body was tingling. She couldn’t get up.

She said Sypin kicked her in the stomach and kidneys while telling her repeatedly he would kill her and apologize to her mom. She said he also told her that she could see her mom at her funeral.

Sypin wouldn’t allow her to leave and punched her in the head several times. He told her if she didn’t give him her phone, he would kill her, according to the affidavit.

Sypin allegedly wrapped an electrical cord around the victim’s neck and tightened it, so that she couldn’t breathe. She said he punched her in the stomach again and slapped her in the face before fleeing the scene.


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