Clearfield Commissioners Hold Brief Meeting

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield County Commissioners held a brief meeting Tuesday morning to handle a few agenda items.

The commissioners:

  • approved authorization for operational and maintenance work at the T-Mobile tower site in the Glendale Valley area at the request of Emergency Services Director Joe Bigar. He said when they did the original lease with T-Mobile, he asked to be notified, along with the commissioners, of any work done to the site to ensure it wouldn’t interfere with any of the county’s frequency communications. Bigar and Commissioner Mark B. McCracken said so far as their knowledge, the T-Mobile service is now available and at least a couple customers have experienced better signal/service. However, neither has received confirmation from company officials.
  • approved an amendment to the agreement with MCM Consulting Group at the request of Bigar. The group provides EMA/911 consulting for the Northwest Central Regional Emergency Task Force. The county had previously entered the taskforce, he said, and the group facilitates the administration of the state homeland security grant program. He said it’s a five-year contract renewal going from year to year, and all the other counties have already signed into it.
  • approved a linkage agreement between the county and Community County Services to enable information sharing with regards to common clients of Children & Youth Services and Juvenile Probation.
  • approved a liquid fuels allocation to Pine Township in the amount of $3,000.
  • approved the bills as presented by the controller’s office.
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