Harris Violated Probation by Allegedly Sending Obscene Photos, Video to Teen

CLEARFIELD – A Philipsburg man was in violation of his probation when he allegedly sent obscene photos and a video to an area teen.

Hunter Thomas Harris, 24, was serving five years probation after he completed a year in jail for setting fire to a Chester Hill home in 2015.

Harris and his co-defendants, Samuel W. Connor V, 22, and Kenneth Moore, 23, were all given the same county sentence of one to two years less one day in the county jail by Judge Fredric J. Ammerman, along with probation in September of 2016.

Ammerman stated that he was giving the trio a break, but warned them if they violated their probation, they could go to state prison.

On Monday, Harris was in court for a hearing determining if he had violated his probation by committing a new crime.

Harris waived his right to a preliminary hearing Aug. 1 on charges of dissemination of explicit sexual material to minor, unlawful contact with a minor and corruption of minors. Harris is incarcerated in lieu of $100,000 bail.

His attorney, Tami Fees, argued for the judge to wait until the new charges are resolved before revoking his probation.

Ammerman noted that the jail had problems with Harris fighting when he was incarcerated previously. He then revoked his probation and sentenced him to two to six years in state prison.

According to the affidavit in the arson case, the three men decided to set a fire in a vacant home in Chester Hill so they could help put it out.

They then went to the fire station in Philipsburg to wait for the call that came about 15 minutes later. The trio returned to the scene with the fire company and assisted with putting out the fire.

The new case involves his contact with a 15-year-old girl through social media.

He allegedly asked the girl to send him a photo of herself without her top, but she told him “no”, saying that what he was doing was illegal.

She did send him a few old photos from her Facebook account.

Harris then reportedly sent her a photo of his bare chest and private area.

He also sent an obscene video of himself, police said.

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