Roy Waives Hearing in Indecent Assault Case

DUBOIS – A DuBois man accused of indecent assault waived his right to a preliminary hearing Friday during centralized court.

Michael B. Roy, 59, is also charged by Sandy Township police with criminal attempt/indecent assault and corruption of minors in connection to an incident in Sandy Township on Feb. 10.

He is free on $50,000 unsecured bail.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Roy contacted the 15-year-old victim asking if he wanted to ride ATV’s and go to the fire station. The teen agreed and decided to take two friends with him to meet Roy.

When Roy arrived at the meeting spot, he told the victim his friends could not go with them.

The victim said he and Roy then rode around, picking up beer and food. Roy offered beer to the boy, but he declined. Roy was drinking as he drove, the victim told police.

Eventually they ended up at Roy’s residence where he suggested they go to a bedroom to watch TV. Roy reportedly asked him to lay down on the bed with him, but the teen said no and stated they should go back downstairs. Once downstairs, they sat on a couch.

Roy allegedly started rubbing the victim’s back under his hoodie and advised him to stay away from his phone.

Moments later, Roy began reaching around the victim’s waist and attempted to place his hands under the victim’s waistband in the front of his private area, police said.

The victim immediately leaned forward, pulled away and got up, acting like he was stretching in order to distance himself from Roy.

Not long after this, he told Roy he was going to walk home. Roy said he could give him a ride and Roy then drove him to a friend’s house.

The victim told his friend what happened, and the friend urged him to tell his mother who called police.

She advised the victim not to take any calls from Roy.

The next day the woman who reported the crime saw Roy’s truck go by her home a few times. He also allegedly sent the victim three text messages asking the boy to call him.

When Roy was questioned by investigators, he admitted to rubbing the boy’s back but said he did not recall placing his hands in the victim’s waistline, according to the report.

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