Southern Airways Announces Passenger Traffic Milestones in DuBois and Johnstown

Both airports exceed 1,000 passengers in the month of July, Southern sets company records at both locations

Memphis, TENN. — Southern Airways, which has been the operator of the air service in DuBois and Johnstown since taking over for Silver Airways in 2017, has posted the highest monthly passenger counts at both airports in its tenure.

Southern has set a company monthly record for passenger counts at the DuBois Regional Airport with 1,130 passengers in July.  This latest milestone puts Southern on pace to hit the highest passenger count in DuBois since 2013.

The July passenger counts at the Johnstown Cambria County Airport grew to over 1,000 as well, which was an increase of over 35 percent over June’s numbers.

In addition to the record-setting passenger counts in July, Southern also completed a rarity in aviation by completing 99.7 percent of all of its scheduled flights to both airports for the last 90 days.

“I am very pleased in how well the passengers have responded in these markets,” said Stan Little, chairman and chief executive officer of Southern Airways.

“It’s not just the near perfect completion percentages that the customers are responding to, but it is our on-time performance.

“Over the last 30 days, we are above the industry average in both of these markets and, as a company, have out-performed many of the legacy carriers during the last reporting period.”

In June, Southern announced interline agreements with American Airlines and European air carrier Condor Airlines. Interline connectivity to those airlines means a seamless travel experience to the connecting flights of those carriers.

Single ticketing and checked baggage through to the final destinations are two of the most convenient benefits of the interline agreements. Connections to American and Condor can be made at either Southern hub, Pittsburgh or Baltimore.

“We are seeing passengers that we have never before seen in DuBois,“ said Bob Shaffer, manager of the DuBois Regional Airport.

“Prior to Southern, only the business people could afford the high fares to Washington-Dulles. With Southern’s low fares and the low-cost connections at both Pittsburgh and Baltimore, we have become an airport that everyone can use.”

Southern Airways is the Essential Air Service provider for the DuBois and Johnstown Airports as well as all other Pennsylvania airports that are in that program.

In addition to records in DuBois and Johnstown set in July, Southern is also announcing company records in the Pennsylvania cities of Lancaster and Franklin.

Though not records, Altoona experienced their third best month in five years and Bradford posted the best monthly numbers in the last 20 months.

Passengers looking for more information about the Southern Airways may call the customer service center at 1-800-329-0485 or visit Southern’s Web site at,


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