Cresco Yeltrah Delivers a Dozen Strains of Dry Leaf Medical Marijuana to Pennsylvania Dispensaries

CY+ Dispensary Opens Wednesday with a 30 Strain Variety

PITTSBURGH – Cresco Yeltrah delivered a dozen different strains of the dry leaf form of medical marijuana to Pennsylvania dispensaries this week in preparation for Wednesday’s launch of this form of the medicine.

The addition of dry leaf is the first major expansion of the state’s medical marijuana program.

“This is a great addition to the state program as vaporizing dry leaf has the fastest speed to efficacy, which will provide patients the quickest relief possible, “said Cresco Yeltrah partner Charlie Bachtell.

“Dry leaf is a lower-priced option as it’s raw plant material, which provides greater access of cost-effective medicine to more patients in Pennsylvania.”

Cresco Yeltrah’s dry leaf indica, sativa and hybrid strains will be available at all of the 16 Pennsylvania dispensaries participating in phase one of the launch. The remaining 12 dispensaries will have the dry leaf form available Aug. 8.

The Cresco Yeltrah products will be sold pre-packaged in a 1/8 of a gram or a one-gram translucent dram segmented by the strain and desired use of the medicine.

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Each dry leaf product falls into one of their three proprietary categories: Rise (red), Refresh (green), Rest (blue), named and color-coded to help the user intuitively identify the desired effects of the relevant strain’s cannabinoid profile.

The launch strains that Cresco Yeltrah delivered this week are DJ Flo, Durban, Outer Space, Chunky Diesel, Pineapple Express, 707 Headband, Alien Bubba, Bio Jesus, GG #4, Katsu Bubba Kush and Keystone Kush.

Cresco Yeltrah’s CY+ dispensaries, located in Butler and in the Pittsburgh Strip District, will open at 10 a.m. Wednesday with a variety of over 30 strains of dry leaf medical marijuana from five different growers in Pennsylvania.

Their two dispensaries will be fully staffed to accommodate a large number of patients as they will have one of the largest selections of products in the state.

All dispensaries will continue to carry Cresco Yeltrah’s other forms of medical marijuana, such as oils, pills and topicals but the addition of the dry leaf form will significantly increase their product offerings for the 30,000 approved patients in the state.

The addition of the dry leaf form of medical marijuana is available for vaporization as It is illegal to smoke the medication. The state reminds patients to please make sure that when transporting their medication, they keep it in the original container and have their medical marijuana ID card with them.

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