Clearfield Municipal Authority to Send Letter Addressing Matters with LT Supers

CLEARFIELD – After an executive session for legal matters Tuesday, the Clearfield Municipal Authority board approved sending a letter to the Lawrence Township Supervisors regarding comments and concerns raised at recent township meetings.

Chairman Russ Triponey said that residents are being given rumors and innuendo and that the letter, a copy of which was supplied to the media for publication, is intended to clear up things and provide verifiable information to the public.

Some of that information includes explaining the sizes of sewer lines, which range from 15 to 24 inches in diameter, not 10 inches as alleged.

The authority also recognizes efforts by the township to close the Sanitary Sewer Overflow in Hyde and expressed concern that the township will not be able to close the SSO by the Sept. 1 deadline and reminds the township of the agreement to accept the bulk of fines imposed by the state Department of Environmental Protection.

A full text of the letter will be published by GANT News.

The board also heard from Nick Ninosky, permit engineer for the state Department of Transportation. Ninosky said he wanted to work with the authority regarding coming up with a timeline to have some repairs done on state roads in Clearfield Borough.

CMA has done repairs on lines underneath streets in the borough and the patches are not good. Ninosky said there have been 11 breaks under roads since 2016 and there are three of great concern.

PennDOT has issued permits to have these fixed; however, CMA has been unable to have the work done.

Manager John Williams explained that they did advertise for bids and received one bid that was much higher than anticipated.

The board agreed to have permits in place and a schedule set up by Aug. 15 to have repairs done on Brewery Hill, in front of the Sheetz on Front Street and also by the post office.

The board also approved purchasing Field Hawk software, which, when used in conjunction with tablets, will allow work crews to create field orders in real time and also allow the authority to update outdated infrastructure maps.

The software cost is $25,000 plus the cost of three tablets for the trucks at about $108 each and a monthly access fee through Verizon.

Williams said he anticipates savings and a reimbursement from DEP on the Pine Grove North project to help with the cost.

Finally, the board approved a contract with Insight Pipe at $197,488.90 at COSTARS pricing to do improvements on interceptors and man hole rehabilitation in the Riverview and Wolf Run areas.





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