Bucktail Council’s Camp Mountain Run Accredited

Camp officials received pennants and an accreditation certificate. In the photo
are: Jamie Shearer, Area 4 Director; Sheri Price, Program Director; Billy Cebulskie,
Camp Commissioner; Chuck Lines, Camp Director; John Drum, Camp Ranger; and
Greg Triskett, Assessment Team Leader (from left to right).

DuBois–Camp Mountain Run earned a 100% rating for its Cub Scout and Boy Scout program from a nationally accreditation team that visited the Scouting facility located on Mountain Run Road in Penfield.

The five members of the team evaluated Camp Mountain Run’s camp site, facility, program areas and opportunities for Scouts to have fun, according to Chuck Lines, Camp Director. Camp officials received pennants and an accreditation certificate.

For more information on Scouting visit our website at www.bucktail.org or call 814-371-5650.

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