Parker Dam Programs Slated for July 4-8

PENFIELD – Staff members have announced the program schedule for July 4- 8 at the Parker Dam State Park.

Wednesday, July 4

Annual Reading of the Declaration of Independence:  2:00 PM – Beach

Come listen and contemplate the sacrifices made so long ago for the good of us all.  Learn about why this holiday exists for our enjoyment and annual celebration.  If you have never heard the words, you owe it to yourself to listen on this day.

Thursday, July 5

GPS Basics:  10:00 AM – outside Park Office

Learn how to use a GPS to confidently get from place to place.  Mark a location, navigate back, project a location.  And, learn how Geocaching is done.

Friday, July 6

Is That Skunk?:  8:30 PM – Campground Amphitheater

The smell is one that most people can identify.  But, skunks are much more than just a stinky annoyance.  Watch as scientists learn more about where they live, what they eat, and how they survive.

 Saturday, July 7

Ferns of the Beaver Dam Trail:  9:00 AM – outside Park Office

Enjoy this three-mile hike along the Beaver Dam Trail, while looking for the various species of ferns to be found there.  Wear comfortable shoes and bring water along with you.

Raptor Adaptations:  3:00 PM – Beach House steps 

What exactly is a raptor?  Hint—they are carnivores and very efficient predators.  Learn more about the adaptations that make these so efficient and how to identify a few of the most common ones seen at the park.

A Walk Through History:  5:00 PM – Beach House steps 

Learn what changes the area now known as Parker Dam State Park has seen as we walk around the lake.  We will end at the CCC Museum, where you can explore even more history.  The walk crosses the spillway rocks—please wear appropriate shoes.

Leave it to Beavers:  8:30 PM – Campground Amphitheater

A staple of North American wildlife, beavers have always played a role in the ecosystems in which they live.  Watch as beavers are now “employed” to work at rehabilitating certain habitats.  You may see these industrious rodents in a whole new light.

*You can keep up on what is happening at the park by liking “Parker Dam State Park” on Facebook; and, you can find more information about state park programs and special events by logging on to the Pennsylvania Bureau of State Parks’ website at, and clicking on “Events”.

“The primary purpose of Pennsylvania State Parks is to provide opportunities for enjoying healthful outdoor recreation and serve as outdoor classrooms for environmental education.”

Access for People with Disabilities

If you need an accommodation to participate in park activities due to a disability, please contact the park you plan to visit.  (Parker Dam State Park Complex: (814) 765-0630;

With at least three days’ notice, interpreters for people who are deaf or hard of hearing are available for educational programs.

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