Marriage Licenses Issued in May

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield County Register & Recorder Maurene E. Inlow has released the marriage licenses that were issued during the month of May.

 Cody A. Marshall; Brittany M. Llewellyn
 Chad M. Hamm; Tiffany R. Conklin
 Trai Van Shimmel; Angela D. Sloppy
 Matthew L. Schucker; Alyson R. Spaid
 Richard V. Clark IV; Dana M. Feight
 James J. Johnson Jr.; Alexandra E. Bojalad
 Terry J. Kester; Kristen M. Woodling
 Jeffrey S. Sipple; Robin M. Portsmouth
 Robert J. Smerk; Breanna M. Hewitt
 Robert C. Robbins Jr.; Markay E. Moyer
 Clark N. English; Kristine E. Clouse
Dalton S. Condon; Sandra L. Knepp
 Christopher R. Courtois; Julie A. Frye
 Benjamin D. Kline; Michelle R. Browell
 Casey E. Martz; Hayley M. Bowders
 Raymond J. Jackson; Sandra S. McClinsey
 Robert J. Hamilton; Ruth L. Sabol
 Richard M. Hubler Jr.; Janelle L. Brown
 Joshua A. Waugaman; Darlene A. Griffiths
 David A. Dixon; Keri N. Swisher
 Ryan M. Parks; Alison J. Peters
 Kirk E. McCully; Lailani M. Dotts
 Jason P. A. O’Brien Gilliam; Tiffany M. Brown
 Jeffrey M. Caruso; Patricia M. Camuso
 Zachary J. Anderson; Shannon R. Yarger
 Mason G. Walters; Dail M. Hewitt
 Jordan J. Burns; Dinae L. Saggese
 Joseph L. Myers; Taylor A. Axelrod
 James A. Collins II; Crystal D. Simington
 Wilbur W. Ratzel; Doris J. Hutchins
 Calvin H. Marshall; Sarah A. Winter
 David P. Lilly; Nichollette R. Lezzer
 Timothy S. Slovikosky; Emily Marie Master
James G. Sherwood; Shirley J. Sherwood
Larry W. O’Dell Jr.; Melissa L. Vanover
Paul N. Brown; Sonja C. Mackay
Zachary J. Gisewhite; Amber L. Claycomb
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