Throwback Thursday: Morris Township Trolley

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Morris Township was named in honor of Robert Morris, famed American financier and statesman of the Revolutionary War.

Here is a picture of the trolley that carried the residents of Morrisdale to surrounding towns.   During the era of the trolley, the main population of Morrisdale consisted of coal miners.

According to The Trolley, published in The Daily Journal on Jan. 29, 1904, “Promptly at 2:38 o’clock yesterday afternoon the special trolley car of the Centre and Clearfield Street Railway left the corner of Front and Presqueisle streets for their initial trip to Morrisdale Mines, a distance of about five miles.

“Along the route through Hawk Run and between Hawk Run and Morrisdale Mines, which seemed one continuous stretch of houses, people gathered and greeted the approach of the first trolley in that thickly populated section.

“When the occupants of the special car first caught a glimpse of Morrisdale, one of the most prosperous mining towns in Clearfield County, vast crowds of men, women and children were awaiting the advent of a trolley in their midst.”

This was the beginning of a transportation service that would serve the area for the next 24 years.  This line served residents of Philipsburg, Hawk Run, Munson, Morrisdale, Allport and Winburne.

The official schedule showed over 30 stops.  Most of the stops were located at each railway station to conveniently connect people with the trains.

Soon automobiles took over the main source of transportation in the 1920’s.  The trolley ticket sales started to decline.

According to The Daily Journal on Aug. 12, 1927, “The good old trolley line that has been giving the best of service to people living between Philipsburg and Winburne for almost 24 years made its last trip Thursday night, Aug. 11, on scheduled time and then gave up the ghost.

“When the 10 o’clock car left Ninth Street on its last trip, standing room was at a premium.  When the car left Winburne on its return trip, the motorman totted a solemn dirge, which echoed through the village with a pathetic mournful sound that caused the man in the moon to drop a shower of tears on Roy Rowles’ hand, which was hanging out the car window.”

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