BREAKING: Southern Airways Announces Ticketing and Baggage Agreement with American Airlines

Southern partners with American Airlines to bring interlined tickets to DuBois with connections over Pittsburgh International Airport and Baltimore-Washington International Airport

HERNANDO, MISS. – On the fifth anniversary of its first flight, June 6, 2013, Southern Airways today announces the launch of its interline agreement with American Airlines.

Interlined American Airline tickets to/from the current Southern-served cities of DuBois, Johnstown and Altoona, are available for immediate purchase.

The American Airlines interline for other Southern Airways cities in the mid-Atlantic will be active in the very near future.

Southern’s interline with American Airlines means that local passengers can book a seamless travel experience from DuBois, Johnstown and Altoona to any of American’s destinations across the globe.

These seamless connections include single-point check-in at the local airport for the entire trip and checked luggage that is delivered all the way to the final destination.

It also means that Southern Airways’ local agents can assist passengers with rebooking an American Airlines connecting flight at no cost if Southern’s flights are delayed or cancelled.

“We are honored to announce American Airlines as our first interline partner in a line of new Southern partnerships that will be announced over the coming weeks and months,” said Stan Little, chairman and chief executive officer of Southern Airways.

“The passenger experience when traveling on Southern and connecting to other airlines is now at a whole new level.”

American Airlines offers more connections from both Pittsburgh International Airport and Baltimore-Washington International Airport than any other legacy carrier.

When booking Southern Airways connections to/from central Pennsylvania, travel agents and online travel Web sites may route passengers on American Airlines through either Pittsburgh or Baltimore to facilitate the connections.

“This partnership between American and Southern opens up so many more opportunities for the region we serve,” said Bob Shaffer, airport manager for the DuBois Regional Airport.

“To fly out of DuBois and then seamlessly catch an American Airlines flight in Pittsburgh or Baltimore answers a demand for our leisure and business travels not only for our residents, but also for companies and investors that will make them take a second look at our region to bring business here.”

Southern Airways is the Essential Air Service provider for all of the Pennsylvania airports that are in that program.

“The interline ticketing and baggage agreement with American Airlines is just one of many improvements to local air service in which Southern has made a considerable investment,” said Mark Cestari, chief commercial officer of Southern Airways.

“Some of our communities haven’t seen an interline in years. We are confident that this new partnership will bring a considerable boost to the ridership, giving the Department of Transportation yet another reason to continue its support for the service.”

Southern Airways and American Airlines interlined tickets may be purchased by calling your local travel agent or the American Airlines call center.

They can also be purchased online at popular travel Web sites such as, and

Interlined tickets are not yet available for purchase on or, but those distribution channels are expected to come online later this year.

Passengers looking for more information about the Southern Airways and American Airlines partnership can call Southern Airways at 1-800-329-0485 or visit Southern’s Web site,

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