DuBois Council Hears Parking Ordinance Recommendation

Photo by Steven McDole

DUBOIS – On Monday night, members of DuBois City Council heard the most recent recommendation with regards to an amendment to the city’s parking ordinance.

City officials have been trying to prevent people from parking in the right-of-ways between the roadways and sidewalks.

Under the recommendation, parking would be forbidden outside of driveways outlined by curb cutouts. It would also be forbidden between roadways and sidewalks, if there aren’t any curbs.

Parking within this zone is allowed on driveways if a sidewalk isn’t being blocked.

Councilmember Randy Schmidt asked about a specific scenario. For example, if a property owner, or previous owner, had a traditional, vertical driveway but had paved perpendicular to it.

Schmidt pointed out that under the recommendation, its horizontal section would be located within the forbidden parking area.  Councilwoman Diane Bernardo said under that scenario, they should ask if the property owner had obtained a permit.

Solicitor Toni Cherry said she would begin drafting the amendment to be presented to council May 24.  Bernardo indicated that it currently would cover about 99 percent of scenarios in DuBois City.

(Photo by Steven McDole)

In other business, the council unanimously voted to purchase property that’s located in the watershed.

According to city officials, it measures 20 to 26 acres and is adjacent to some property that’s already city-owned near the reservoir.

The cost of the property is $4,762.50 per acre with the total cost being between $95,250 and $123,825.


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