10 Things You Never Thanked Your Mother For

Our moms carried us for nine months, loving us unconditionally before we even had our names.

Our moms had dreams of giving us the world, yet didn’t ask for a single thing in return.

How can we even begin to thank our moms for all they have done for us?

I don’t have any answers for you but will offer a few ideas of places you can start.

So grab your mom, grab some tissues and help me grow my list. Thank you mom for:

  1. Never judging me. I know I can always call at 9 p.m. asking how to get red wine stains out of carpet or a safe temperature to cook chicken. You just giggle a little and remember learning these same things once, too, from your mom.
  2. Always being my best friend. You were the first friend I ever made. You were there when my early hobbies consisted of watching Barney and coloring pictures. As a girl, you took me to my first boy band concert. Later in life, you became my best friend at happy hour. I’ve grown through every stage of life with the support of the same best friend – Mom.
  3. Being my go-to phone call. When I have a boring commute to/from work, who can I call? – When I am preparing my first Thanksgiving dinner and am not sure what temperature to set the oven to, who can I call? – Mom. Whether the occasion is happy or sad, serious or fun, my first call is always to Mom.
  4. Owning my second closet. I don’t have a sister, but I do have a hot mom with a great fashion sense. If you ever compliment my outfit, there’s a good chance I stole at least part of it from my mom’s closet. So this thank you is for all the times I took a sweater without asking and returned it without washing. You made me look better than I could on my own.
  5. Always being supportive despite the most questionable decisions. One time I decided to up and move a few hundred miles away without a job, car or plan. My mom was there to help me pack, to drive me and then to unload my things. Who else would support spur-of-the-moment (or future lessons better learned the hard way) adventures? A mom is by all means there to help guide your life, but what fun would it be if she didn’t support those wild ideas along the way?
  6. Keeping my secrets. My mom knows my embarrassing childhood stories that I’d rather not have shared, as well as those pure bad decisions I made as an adult. Some of my biggest secrets I owe to my mom, the lone keeper of them. I have never had to bare my troubles alone, and my secrets – regardless how hurtful – are always safe with mom.
  7. Supporting my friends, too. There’s nothing any better than seeing your mom be there for your best friend when she is in desperate need of love. My mom treats my friends like family. I thank you for being the mom that my friends need, too.
  8. Being my voice of reason. My mom knows everything about me, so obviously she knows what’s best for me. The sooner you know and respect that, the better (trust me).
  9. Being there to always defend me. Don’t you dare say anything negative about me with my mom around, that’s all I have say. Right or wrong, she will always defend me. I encourage you to embrace it, even if it is embarrassing to you. As you grow older, you’ll find it reassuring to have your mom in your corner.
  10. Never giving up on me. It wouldn’t matter if I failed a class, lost a job or had my heart broken. My mom will never see me as a failure and will build me back up with her love and support.

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