Bench Warrants Issued for Individuals Who Failed to Make Payment Arrangements with Probation Dept.

The following individuals have failed to respond to the Clearfield County Probation Office/ Department of Collection’s first list of seriously delinquent cases to make payment arrangements.

Therefore, a bench warrant will be issued.  Should anyone have any information regarding the whereabouts of these individuals and want to remain anonymous, please contact the Collections Division of the Probation Office by calling 814-765-2641, Ext. 2067 (Dennis) or 2066 (Drew).

Name Year of Birth Amount Due
Craig E. Anthony 1982 $1,217.05
Cliff Leroy Breon 1985 $1,485.00
Scott A. Bryan 1961 $3,653.96
 Kyle Dilley 1990 $2,411.75
 James Lorfing 1961 $979.67
 Joseph Mazza 1963 $1,427.52
 Joshua Douglas McLaughlin 1991 $2,186.74
Justin Michael Phillips 1983 $7,608.62
 Robert Louis Pratt 1961 $283.00
 Anthony Reed 1988 $437.50
 Dale Rinehart 1972 $7,878.42
 James B. Schubert 1961 $2,565.30
Jesse R. Simunovich 1993 $879.33
 Michael George Smith  1987 $2,580.50
 Jerry S. Stewart 1962 $1,568.95
 Timothy Pierre Storms 1951 $458.31
 Paul Anthony Szack  1962 $2,267.50
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