Galaxy Arts in Education Coming to the Clearfield Center for Active Living

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield County Area Agency Inc., Galaxy Arts in Education of CIU 10 of West Decatur,   in partnership with the Pennsylvania Council on Arts will present a two-week class on “Relieving Pain through the Arts.”

The class will be held at the Clearfield Center for Active Living, 116 S. Second St., Clearfield.  The two-week class will be held May 14 to 25, Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Artist, Amalia Shaltiel, will use different art media to explore and express the experience of our elder years when we are more prone to pain and loss and at the same time can be more aware of things that bring us pleasure in life.

The class will explore this theme using different art media: writing, drawing, collage, plasticine, clay and acrylic paint on canvas.

Learning activities during the class will include:

  • Introduction of artist.
  • Presentation of artist’s work.
  • Planning of goals for the class.
  • Work on collage surrounding the juxtaposition of pain and pleasure.
  • Talk about composition.
  • Continue work on collage.
  • Talk about moving into higher levels of artistic excellence.
  • Work with plasticine.
  • Choosing a photograph of participant that reveals their character.
  • Color mixing the plasticine and preparation for creating image.
  • Continue work with plasticine.
  • Learning to figure out what shape is essential and what can be let go in the photo.
  • Learning about conceptual art.
  • Work with self-hardening clay.
  • Symbolic work in 3D.
  • Portraying our balance in the world.
  • Work with acrylics, using knowledge of concept, composition and color mixing.
  • Learn about underpainting.
  • Creating artwork that gives pleasure to the participant.
  • Continue work in acrylic.
  • Learn about self-critique and peer critique.
  • Revisit all work, touch up and finish.
  • Create exhibit.
  • Exhibit, refreshments, conversation and celebration.

Register today to be part of this class acquiring you to take visual art skills and apply them into skills to express life experience and pain into different art media.  Call the Clearfield Center for Active Living at 814-765-9319.  Class size is limited to 15.

Programs and services of the agency are funded in part by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging Inc., Mature Resources Foundation and local and consumer contributions.

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