LT Police Chief Warns of Scams

CLEARFIELD – Residents of Lawrence Township are reminded that the IRS does not make phone calls if you owe taxes.

Police Chief Doug Clark said his office has been getting many phone calls regarding threatening calls from people saying they work for the IRS. The government agency instead will send you a letter in the mail.

Clark said another scam that has been very popular has been to tell people they have won a prize, but they have to pay money to get it.

Also, one targeting senior citizens, especially, is a phone call telling the person that a family member is in jail and needs bail money. Clark said these are false.

“When you get these messages [on your answering service], delete them,” he said.

If you receive a call and you are not certain if it is real or not, Clark encourages residents to call the police station. He said they can do research and make a determination.

However, since most of these scams originate outside of the United States, there is little the police can do to track down the scammers.

Clark also reported that police statistics continue to rise and he commended Officer Jonathan Walker as officer of the month for March. Walker was involved in an investigation, which resulted in recovery of numerous stolen items recently.

Also, the police vehicle fleet is expected to be back to full strength by the end of the month. One vehicle, which was involved in an accident during a chase, is being repaired and the new patrol car will be delivered soon. The supervisors voted to put the decommissioned vehicle for sale on the Municibid Web site.

The supervisors also learned that work on removing extraneous water from the sewer system is picking up with many residents having work done on their lateral lines.

The township was advised to check ditches and ensure they are clear and can handle the additional water, and residents are advised they may want to install sump-pits for their water.

Bids for 1,000 ton (more or less) 2RC limestone were opened and awarded to Woodland Equipment & Supply with a bid of $13.20 per ton.

Roadmaster Ron Woodling discussed the traffic light at the Hyde Bridge. He said it has not been working properly and he called Tel Power about it.

He learned that the system needs a new timer, a new module and new batteries at a cost of $6,000, which is available in the budget. The batteries at the Lowe’s light also need replaced, but money had already been put aside for that.

The supervisors approved bids from Arbor Pro to trim trees on Coal Hill Road from the Montgomery Run Bridge to the old Target warehouse and also portions of Mann Road and 104th Cavalry Road. The first bid is $2,400 and the second is $6,700.

On the recommendation of Solicitor Jim Naddeo, the supervisors approved a resolution to sign the police collective bargaining contract.

Supervisor Jeremy Ruffner reported a letter is being sent to change the township’s url to a .gov url and the e-mail addresses will soon change. The township e-mail will come through Firehouse Solutions at $20 per month for 50 e-mail addresses.

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