Clearfield Woman Waives Hearing for Allegedly Burglarizing Mother’s Home

CLEARFIELD – A Clearfield woman has been accused of burglarizing her mother’s home and stealing numerous household and personal items.

Lacy K. Brothers, 29, has been charged by Elliott Neeper of the Lawrence Township police with burglary, F1; receiving stolen property, M1; theft by unlawful taking, M1; manufacture, delivery or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver, F; and use/possession of drug paraphernalia, M.

Brothers waived hear right to a preliminary hearing Wednesday during centralized court at the Clearfield County Jail. Bail has been set at $50,000.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Neeper was dropping off paperwork at the office of Magisterial District Judge Mike Morris on March 12. He observed a silver-colored vehicle in the parking lot; Brothers was moving items around, had the trunk popped and household goods could be seen.

Neeper said the vehicle also contained personal belongings, adding there were so many that both the backseat and the trunk were full. A male known to Neeper exited the magistrate’s office and entered the vehicle. The vehicle left the area on Leonard Street.

Later the department received a report about a burglary that occurred on Mill Road while the resident was not at home. The resident believed the perpetrator was Brothers, her daughter, and possibly one of her friends; she asked for police to respond to the scene.

When Neeper arrived, he made contact with Brothers’ mother who said she left her home at approximately 7 a.m. Before leaving, she locked both doors since she’s had problems with other people stealing from her.

When she returned home, she found items missing, such as a bag of tools, an extension cord, a television and numerous other things. She said she didn’t give anyone permission to enter her home.

She suspected Brothers was involved since she had stayed there previously. She had moved out, however, and not been there in over two weeks. She said Brothers didn’t have a key and would have broken in.

Neeper indicated to her that he’d observed Brothers at the magistrate’s office at approximately 11 a.m., and the vehicle was full of household and personal goods.

Brothers’ mother told Neeper that her daughter was known to frequent an area with storage units behind Pennsylvania Grain Processing in Clearfield.

Neeper proceeded to the Hammer Mill Lane area and located the vehicle in question parked near the storage units. Brothers was observed in the passenger’s seat and the vehicle was running.

When Neeper made contact with her, Brothers was reportedly scraping a white powdery substance on the screen of a cell phone. A spoon with residue was observed in the center console area and multiple needles were in plain view.

Neeper questioned Brothers about her whereabouts earlier in the day. She was unable to give him a direct answer. Neeper requested Brothers to step out of the vehicle and advised her she would be detained until he could determine if the items inside the vehicle were stolen.

When asked about the whereabouts of the driver, Brothers said he was inside a storage unit. While detaining Brothers, a different male exited the unit; he was identified as Dylan Pollick.

Pollick was wanted by the Clearfield County Sheriff’s Office for failure to appear for court. Pollick was later taken into custody, and during a search, he was allegedly found with a glass pipe with a white residue inside. The pipe was collected as evidence and deputies were contacted to respond.

Officers then entered the storage unit and located the driver and two other people. The driver was removed and questioned about the items in the vehicle. He said he was trying to help a friend, Brothers, with items she’d taken from a Mill Road residence.

The driver was asked to come to the police station for further questioning. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

Deputies transported Pollick to the county jail. Inside the jail, Pollick was found to have concealed three small baggies after the initial search by officers. Jail staff allegedly located two baggies of a white crystal-like substance and a third baggie with part of a pill.

During an interview, the driver told police he took Brothers to the Mill Road residence, where he parked. She tried to gain entry through the front door, but it was locked. He said she eventually went over to the front window, which she opened and then climbed inside.

According to him, she proceeded to unlock the front door. She asked him for help grabbing items from inside the home. He said he found it strange that Brothers climbed in through the window and it was apparent she’d done it before.

He said Brothers handed him multiple boxes, bags, laundry baskets, etc. from inside the home. He said after it was loaded up, they went to the storage units to meet his friends. He also provided a written statement and consented for police to search the vehicle in question.

When Neeper interviewed Brothers, she said she was “fed up” with her mother stealing items from her. She claimed her mother had taken items from her in the past, which upset her and made her go over to her home.

Brothers allegedly admitted to not being able to get inside and climbing in through a window with the help of her friend. She said once she grabbed items from inside, they were loaded up in her friend’s car.

Brothers claimed she only took items that belonged to her. Then, she allegedly admitted to taking other items, as well.

Brothers said she was having ongoing problems with her mother and she was sick of the “constant back-stabbing.” She apologized for her behavior and the way she handled the situation. Brothers was lodged in county jail.

Neeper contacted Brothers’ mother and advised that her belongings had been located and requested to meet with her. While removing items from the vehicle, police located drug paraphernalia, such as straws, rods and a small clear baggie with suspected methamphetamine.

On the floor of the passenger’s side where Brothers was seated, officers located a silver metal box. It allegedly contained 50 or more baggies, a scale, glass pipe and two medium-sized bags of suspected methamphetamine. The bags had an approximate weight of 8.43 grams. Officers also located more than $1,000 in cash in Brothers’ wallet.

Brothers’ mother was permitted to remove her belongings afterward. She said that all the items belonged to her, except for an air compressor and a cooler.

Among the items that were hers, she identified a laundry basket with food, such as celery, juice and noodles; feminine hygiene products; purses and shoes; a tool box; extension cords; a television; a wicker basket; backpacks and cereal.  All items were returned to Brothers’ mother.


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