LTE: Boggs Township Questions

Dear Editor,

What is going wrong in Boggs Township? For the answer, you first must ask the following questions.

  • Why was a roadmaster/employee of 22 years removed?
  • Why was a secretary of 33 years removed for having a progressive vision and helping to fulfill it?
  • Why was a much-needed, much-demanded and newly-hired employee removed for being an asset?
  • Why was the vacancy chairman removed for being conscientious, honest and fair in his responsibilities as a tie-breaker regarding the interim supervisor position?
  • Why were these removals necessary?
  • Is it as simple as a vendetta against leadership and collateral damage because illegal doings were discovered?

The new supervisor made a promise with hopes of seeing Boggs Township come together. However, to date the actions taken have only served to widen the divide.

Being honest while answering the aforementioned questions may help the situation, but only with critical thinking.

It’s my belief that the present debacle is wrought with the same disingenuousness, deception and deceit that were present in 2006 and forward with the landfill issue.

The tongue of a few is being used to destroy individual citizens’ character and reputations, as well as that of the governing body. This is NOT healing this township’s needs.

It’s also my belief that there’s a struggle between right and wrong. We, the residents, must stop it.

This must be done before moving forward and making any necessary corrections to avoid stagnation. If we allow it to continue, it’s going to be a bitter pill!?!

How do we make good of this debacle?

We attend meetings; watch and identify problems; and offer solutions.
We speak up and get heard before the bitterness of the few makes the decisions for the many.

It’s never too late to right your township.


John Deacon

West Decatur


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