Former DuBois Man Waives Hearing in Assault Case

DUBOIS – A former DuBois man accused of assaulting his roommate waived his right to a preliminary hearing Friday during centralized court in DuBois.

Matthew Paul Brinker, 36, whose address is now listed as Hawthorn, is charged with simple assault and harassment. His bail is $1,000, unsecured.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, on Dec. 11 police met a man outside the office who said he had been assaulted.

Despite the cold temperature, he was standing on the sidewalk with no shirt on and was bleeding from his mouth.

The victim told police his roommate, Brinker, was drinking when he became verbally violent and threatened him while they were on the back porch of their Franklin Street apartment.

Brinker called him into the apartment and when he went inside, Brinker allegedly threw him to the floor and began punching him in the face and chest.

The victim said he was able to “talk Brinker down” for a while, but when he went back onto the porch, Brinker attacked him again.

Brinker reportedly threw him to the floor again, repeatedly punching him in the face and chest.

When Brinker stopped, the victim reached for his phone. Brinker then kicked him in the face, causing the victim to lose consciousness, according to police.

When he regained consciousness, Brinker left the apartment and ran into Coyote Joe’s Bar, but Brinker followed him. After Brinker left the bar, the victim walked to the police station to report the assault.

The victim suffered a displaced hip, a broken nose and had scaring on his face, according to the report.

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