DuBois City Continuing Efforts to Resolve Improper Parking Issues

DUBOIS – DuBois City Council is continuing its efforts to resolve improper parking issues with the passage of the first reading of Council Bill 1933 at Monday night’s regular meeting.

HB 1933 would forbid parking in right-of-way zones in the city, unless there are signs indicating otherwise at specific locations.

The existing ordinance’s wording is forbidding right-of-way parking in areas, such as industrial and manufacture zoning. However, it does not include residential areas.

The public hearing on the ordinance was scheduled for 6:50 p.m.  April 9.

This ordinance is part of city officials’ greater effort to reconcile ordinances regarding parking, driveways and sidewalks; what occurs despite the ordinances; and changes to occur over time.

Until resolved, city officials will not permit for vehicles to be pulled into driveways and also to be parked partly in the right-of-way.

City officials debated whether driveways crossed sidewalks or vice versa, in addition to which takes priority if the two overlap each other.

A question was raised about instances where a driveway might be too short, making it difficult for a vehicle to be parked without partially blocking the sidewalk.

“The way I look at it is your driveway is crossing a sidewalk; a sidewalk isn’t crossing your driveway,” said DuBois Police Chief Blaine Clark.

Clark added that his officers were mostly ticketing people for blocking the right-of-way or the flow of foot traffic.

City officials also plan to improve sidewalks in the community, as well as address areas where sidewalks had diminished over the years.

Council discussed possibly having sidewalk inspection become part of the sale of a residence in DuBois City.

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