Parking Problems Persist in Clearfield Borough

CLEARFIELD – Parking violations continue to be a problem in Clearfield Borough.

At Thursday’s work session, Police Chief Vince McGinnis said the department is still seeing a lot of parking violations in the downtown area.

McGinnis reminded residents that their vehicles cannot be parked in one spot for more than 48 hours. He said the officers have been issuing a lot of tickets for parking violations.

McGinnis said the department has been handling a lot of problems with people parking on sidewalks and parking against the flow of traffic, in addition to the 48-hour violations.

McGinnis also wanted to warn the residents about a scam where callers claim to be from the IRS and tell residents they owe money and if they don’t pay, they will face jail time.

McGinnis warned the residents to never give out personal, banking or other vital information to people they don’t know and to contact police if they receive any of these calls.

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