Clearfield Borough: Tax Miscalculation is Paid in Full

CLEARFIELD – A tax miscalculation has been addressed between Clearfield Borough and Lawrence Township.

In an interview following Thursday’s Clearfield Borough Council work session, Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott said the tax money that was mistakenly turned over to the borough has been repaid.

According to previously published GANT News articles, Keystone Collections Group had sent a letter to the Lawrence Township Supervisors regarding misdirected local services tax funds. The letter was discussed at the Dec. 5 supervisors meeting.

According to the article, the letter was to inform the township that LST funds from Appalachian Wood Products, totaling $23,695.22, were mistakenly sent to Clearfield Borough instead of the township by Keystone Collections.

According to the article, the letter said some of the money has been repaid to the township, but the borough has asked to be able to repay the rest of the money in payments.

At the Dec. 5 meeting, the supervisors passed a motion to request the borough pay the lump sum.

According to the article, Appalachian Wood Products had miscoded their tax forms, which is why the LST money collected by Keystone Collections, was given to the borough instead of the township. The mistake had gone unnoticed for about four years.

The borough noticed a problem when the LST money was less for 2016-17 than it had been in previous years. The borough had contacted Keystone Collections and discovered the mistake.

According to the article, portion of the money owed to the township has been paid out of the borough’s taxes for 2016-17 and the remaining money will be repaid out of the 2017-18 collections until the full amount is paid.

Because the money is tax money, it must come through Keystone Collections. The borough cannot just pay the remaining funds directly to the township.

At Thursday’s meeting, Stott said Keystone Collections has repaid the township, and the borough paid Keystone Collections in installments. She said the debt has now been paid in full.

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