Sandy Twp. Holds Public Hearing for Proposed Zoning Extension

Zoning Map (Photo by Steven McDole)

DUBOIS – On Monday night, a public hearing was held in regards to a proposed commercial zoning extension in Sandy Township.

This extension would include a property owned by Adamson Funeral Chapel Inc., which is adjacent to its existing property.

According to the displayed zoning map, the property – which would be affected – is located to the west of the existing chapel.   During the meeting, it was described as a vacant 50’ by 150’ lot.

The extension would include an existing block of commercial properties versus the addition of new commercial property within a block of residential properties.

Zoning Officer James Keck said that this would allow Adamson Chapel to better utilize the second property that it currently owns.

Sandy Township resident Larry Bickel attended the public hearing and opposed the proposed zoning change.

Bickel advised the Sandy Township Supervisors that he and the Adamson Funeral Chapel were currently in litigation due to the funeral home encroaching onto his property.

According to him, the funeral home was partially built over his property. He said the chapel has already made changes that’s redirecting rain run-off onto his property.

A photo Bickel provided of his property near the Adamson Funeral Chapel property. It was taken during the rain storm Feb 23. (Provided photo)

Bickel warned that if its zoning proposal is approved, Adamson Funeral Chapel may not follow through with its promised changes.

“There is supposed to be a retaining wall on their property, even, according to their own drawings, for wastewater run-off,” said Bickel.

Adamson Funeral Chapel’s legal representative Christopher Mohney admitted there was litigation in progress but didn’t alter the request.

“None of what he said is relevant to the zoning change,” said Mohney. He went on to explain that the lot was an addition and a different property.  He also said it was a vacant lot without any buildings or signs of construction.

The supervisors subsequently voted to move forward with the zoning change process.

Supervisor Mark Sullivan abstained from the vote. He had previously sold some property to Adamson Funeral Chapel.


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