Michelle Obama’s Valentine’s Day playlist melts hearts

Michelle Obama’s Valentine’s Day playlist, which dropped on Spotify on Wednesday, has the internet swooning. Titled “Forever Mine,” it features an eclectic 44 track mix of modern ballads and evergreen classics.

Earlier in the day, former President Barack Obama took to Instagram, thanking his wife for making “every day and every place better.”

Not long after, Michelle did him one better, sharing an Instagram post and a special Spotify playlist with tracks like Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me,” Van Morrison’s “Moondance” and “Marry You” by Bruno Mars.

Politics aside, it’s hard to deny that the Obamas set a high bar for romance. From inaugurations to state dinners and now in civilian life, the couple always seems to find time for a romantic moment.

On Thursday, when both of their official portraits were unveiled, Barack praised artist Amy Sherald for showcasing his wife’s “beauty” and “hotness.”

“Amy, I want to thank you for so spectacularly capturing the grace and beauty and the intelligence and charm and hotness of the woman that I love,” he said.

The Obamas’ address may have changed, but their relationship has remained strong.

“What I learned in those eight years is home is where we make it,” Barack Obama recently told TODAY. “We were in the White House for eight years, but it wasn’t the house, it was us in it. It was our values and our love for each other, and we just move that to another house.”

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