Suplizio Proposes Treasure Lake Purchase DuBois’ Water

DUBOIS – Aqua PA has proposed the construction of a new water treatment facility in Treasure Lake, Sandy Township.

The project was the main focus of the last Sandy Township meeting after several citizens voiced their concerns.

On Monday night, DuBois City Manager John “Herm” Suplizio suggested that city officials engage in discussion with Aqua PA, Sandy Township and Treasure Lake about purchasing water from the city versus constructing a new facility in Treasure Lake.

“A lot of times, we get calls from Treasure Lake asking how they can get our water,” said Suplizio.

Suplizio emphasized that it would ultimately be up to Treasure Lake citizens.  He did point out that the city already has a line running along state Route 255 that extends a quarter-mile past Snappy’s Convenience Store.

“Our plant is rated at 4 million gallons a day.  We’re running at half capacity,” said Suplizio.

Engineer Chris Nasuti confirmed that DuBois’ water system is only running at half capacity and can produce 4 million gallons of water daily.

According to Nasuti, there is 0.9 million available through the water treatment plant and another million from its own water wells.

“We have the water.  Why build another treatment plant?” asked Suplizio.

In other business, council provided documentation about upcoming sidewalk replacement.

According to a city memo, Main and DuBois streets and other connecting roadways will undergo construction, beginning in April.

The construction is in order to make improvements to the streetscapes.  It is planned to continue through September.

According to the memo, there will be days when access to driveways and front doors might be blocked.  However, the city plans to minimize these occurrences.

Additionally, with the second and final reading of Council Bill 1928, the fee to tap into DuBois’ water system has increased to $2,700.  The bill repeals inspection fees for renewing an existing tap.

DuBois City Police Department: 2017 Yearly Report

Theft 229
Burglary 79
Forgery/Fraud 128
Alarms 222
Criminal Mischief 126
Assault 382
Disorderly Conduct 350
Domestic 221
Animal Complaints 185
Suspicious Persons/Circumstance 567
Trespassing 51
Check Welfare/Mental Health 279
Missing Person 58
Drug Investigations 99
Driving Under the Influence 68
Traffic Accidents/Investigations 277
Supplemental/Follow-up 2,823
Citations/Warnings 410
Warnings 230
Parking Tickets 1,266
Calls for Service / County Control 7,519
Walk-in / Direct Phone Calls 4,632
Total 12,151


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