Moore Waives Hearing in Statutory Sexual Assault Case

CLEARFIELD – A Clearfield man has been accused of having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Jacob Gabriel Moore, 18, has been charged by Elliott Neeper of the Lawrence Township police with seven counts each of statutory sexual assault/4-8 years older, F2; indecent assault person less than 16 years, M2; and corruption of minors, F3.

Moore waived his right to a preliminary hearing during centralized court Wednesday at the Clearfield County Jail. His bail is $25,000 monetary.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, on Jan. 26, the girl’s father went to police in reference to issues he was having with his daughter. He had recently gotten into an altercation with her and confiscated her cell phone as punishment.

He discovered the “background” was his daughter with a male known as Moore. He said his daughter was 14 years old and he didn’t want her to be with an older male.

When he confronted her, she told him they were “together,” nothing happened and she would not give him access to her cell phone. He explained that it was locked and she wouldn’t give him the password so he confiscated it.

The next day, he discovered his daughter had taken the phone without his permission. She cleared the device, which suggested it had previously contained inappropriate content.

Additionally, the father said he found his daughter in possession of another older model cell phone, which had a cracked screen. This phone was unlocked, however.

On the phone, he observed photographs of his daughter hanging all over Moore. There was a photograph of a marijuana bud, conversations about money and partying and a search history that concerned him.

He decided to take her to the township police station to speak with officers. While en route, he said she lashed out, throwing a fit inside the vehicle, which he filmed. He turned over both cell phones, which had been in her possession, to police.

When interviewed by Neeper, the girl said she’d gotten into a verbal altercation with her father about her boyfriend, Moore. She said he found out about them dating, and she knew he would flip out.

According to her, she had been dating Moore since early December. When asked specifically, she denied that Moore had any sexual relations with her. Neeper noted that at times, her behavior was an indicator that she didn’t want to discuss specific issues.

As part of the investigation, writing in ink and marker was observed on the girl’s arm. It stated, “I love you. You are my king, Jacob, and I am your queen” with the date 12/05/17. Neeper believed the markings were fresh and partially engraved in the girl’s skin similar to a tattoo.

During her interview, the girl said she’d been through this before and sent another male to prison for having contact with a minor. She said she didn’t want to send Moore to jail, as she began crying and breaking down.

She then admitted to having sexual relations with Moore, and that it was consensual.

When Neeper interviewed Moore, he allegedly admitted he was aware the girl was 14 years old and he had sex with her multiple times. He couldn’t recall an exact number of times but believed it was seven.

Moore claimed he didn’t know the girl’s age until after they first began having sexual relations. After he found out, he said they continued to have sex because “he didn’t want to hurt her.”

Neeper asked Moore to provide a written statement, which he didn’t want to do. When asked why, he said he just wanted to do his time and get it over with because he was guilty.

Moore did give Neeper consent to search his phone as part of the investigation. On the phone, he found he had the girl in his contacts under “Baby Girl” and approximately three to four inappropriate photographs of her.

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