Grave Markers Available for All Veterans Including Those Who Served During Peacetime

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CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield County Commissioners and Veteran’s Affairs Office would like to remind families of all deceased veterans, including those who served during peacetime, that grave markers are available to honor their service.

For veterans who served during wartime, the county veteran’s affairs office usually receives notification from the funeral home when the veteran passes away via forms filed with burial and headstone reimbursement provided for in the PA County Code.

As part of this standard process, the marker designating the war at the time of the veteran’s service is placed on the grave, usually at the time of burial.

However, when the deceased is a peacetime veteran, there is no reimbursement paperwork submitted by the funeral home, so the family should notify the county veteran’s affairs office so the proper grave marker can be provided.

Once the markers are on the grave, every deceased veteran, both those who served in war and peace time, will also receive a new flag annually prior to Memorial Day.

In order to receive a peacetime marker, the family must provide a copy of the veteran’s DD214 or Proof of Honorable Service along with a copy of the death certificate.

Also, the deceased must be a resident of Clearfield County at the time of their death.

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