Meryl Streep, more nominees react to Oscar nominations

Some lucky people woke up Tuesday morning to news that they had been nominated for an Oscar.

Here’s how some of the new nominees are reacting:

Meryl Streep, actress in a leading role nominee for “The Post”

“I am honored beyond measure by this nomination for a film I love, a film that stands in defense of press freedom, and inclusion of women’s voices in the movement of history. Proud of the film, and all her filmmakers. Thank you from a full heart.”

Denzel Washington, actor in a leading role nominee for “Roman J. Israel, Esq”

“I want to sincerely thank the Academy for my nomination for ‘ROMAN J. ISRAEL.’ I am truly honored to be recognized by the Academy for such a rich character that was beautifully written by Dan Gilroy.”

Jordan Peele, directing nominee for “Get Out”

“What’s the opposite of the Sunken Place?” Peele tweeted.

Aaron Sorkin, adapted screenplay nominee for “Molly’s Game”

“This nomination represents the great work of hundreds of people — from STX and our producers to Jessica Chastain and the entire cast and crew. I couldn’t ask for a greater gang of people with whom to share this incredible honor.”

Sally Hawkins, actress in a leading role nominee for “The Shape of Water

“This nomination is for every single one of us who brought our hearts to this film. I am here because of the greatness of others. I stand on the shoulders of giants. Guillermo handed me a gift with this role, this film. I am so delighted for us all. To be honoured by the acknowledgement of my colleagues of fellow actors, filmmakers, writers, crew members is truly humbling. It is a privilege to tell such stories and to be able to make films that show there is a life beyond the life that people know — one that is not always seen. To be considered in this category along side these exceptional women is a real honour and gift in itself. Thank you with eternal gratitude dear Academy!”

Octavia Spencer, actress in a supporting role nominee for “The Shape of Water”

“My heart is bursting with pure elation for the cast and crew of ‘The Shape Of Water.’ Guillermo has given us all a dream job and to be recognized by the Academy is so deeply moving. I am jumping for joy from Park City for all of the nominees this morning! Congratulations everyone.”

Richard Jenkins, actor in a supporting role nominee for “The Shape of Water”

“I’m so excited and thrilled by the nomination and for ‘The Shape of Water’ team lead by Guillermo the Great. It is rare and humbling to be part of something so special.”

Bryan Fogel and Dan Cogan, documentary feature nominee for “Icarus”

“We could not be more honored to be nominated for the Oscar with this esteemed group of films and filmmakers. We are grateful that ‘Icarus’ has helped to bring out the truth about Russia’s decades-long state sponsored doping system. But the true credit for the impact of this documentary this goes to Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, who risked so much to tell the truth, and to his lawyers Jim Walden and Avni Patel who have been steadfast in bringing his evidence to the world and holding Russia to account for its actions. The medium of documentary filmmaking gave us a unique opportunity to bring Dr. Rodchenkov’s story to the world, and to follow that story where it led us. It is our hope that this global recognition of Dr. Rodchenkov’s story by the Academy will continue to shed sunlight on decades of Russian interference, and the need for deep reform to protect clean athletes and to uphold the Olympic ideal and ethics of fair play by all nations on the world stage.”

Glen Keane and Kobe Bryant, animated short film for “Dear Basketball”

“We are thrilled that the Academy has chosen to honor the legendary Glen Keane and Kobe Bryant’s passionate animated short film. Verizon is proud to distribute ‘Dear Basketball’ across our Oath and go90 platforms, a perfect example of our company’s dedication to giving creators a platform to share the best in sports and entertainment. We are excited to stand behind this film and others like it in the future,” said Ivana Kirkbride, Head of Digital Content for Verizon.

Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber, Adapted screenplay nominee for “The Disaster Artist”

“This is an incredible honor. We were inspired by the story of two friends who went after their dreams. Now the Academy has made our wildest dream come true. We are grateful to everyone who made ‘The Disaster Artist’ and thankful to those who supported us along the way.”

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