Sportsmen’s Club Holds Raffle Drawing, Announces Winners

The Anderson Creek Sportsmen’s Club recently held its annual raffle drawing.

The winners were:

  • First place, Judy Bungo of Clearfield
  • Second place, Doug Varges of Dubois
  • Third place, John Casolo of Ridgway
  • Fourth place, Jim Johnston of Grampian

The $50 winners were:

  • Craig Ellis
  • Ken Keth
  • Tom Noble
  • Willis Strouse
  • Mike Fye
  • Kirk Kennedy
  • Daryl Almenderez
  • Ken Straub
  • David Straub
  • Ruth Bisil
  • Brian Coutraiux
  • Jen Bloom
  • Wayne Barrett
  • Kurt Walbor
  • Stev Bertsel
  • Jean Foster
  • David Hunt
  • Steve Biancuzzo
  • Janet Hillebrand
  • Tracy Brubaker
  • Sam Baugh
  • David Kehler
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