Clearfield Borough Residents Reminded to Clear Sidewalks

CLEARFIELD – Residents in Clearfield Borough will be looking at fines for not clearing their sidewalks.

At Thursday’s Clearfield Borough Council work session, Code Enforcement Officer Larry Mack said after the recent snow and freezing weather, numerous residents will be receiving fines for failing to clear their sidewalks.

Mack said he took 190 photos of sidewalks in the East End area that were not shoveled.

He said the sidewalks must be cleared following snow events, or a citation can be issued immediately.

Mack said because the sidewalks are a safety issue, the borough is not required to give a warning before the citation is issued.

He said along with the “usual” offenders, he also saw problems with residents who are normally prompt with clearing their sidewalks.

Also at the meeting, Street Department Foreman Todd Kling asked the council for permission to gather information about having electrical upgrades to the borough’s garage.

Kling asked the council about changing and or upgrading the electrical service to the garage.

He said the present system has been in place since the garage was first built in the 1970’s.

He said the crew has had a lot of problems with blown fuses while they are trying to work and finding replacement fuses for the old system is becoming more difficult.

Kling said it would cost about $3,000 for the upgrades, but with the upgrades will “pay for themselves” in about three years.

Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott said the borough would need to have the engineers draw up plans for the new system, then seek proposals from contractors.

Kling said he was just looking to get the council’s approval to “get the ball rolling.”

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