Local Agency Organizing Relief for Homeless During Winter

CLEARFIELD – Central Pennsylvania Community Action Inc. (CPCA]) is looking for other agencies, churches, businesses and private individuals who want to join forces and assist with a new program called “A Warm Place to Sleep.”

A Warm Place to Sleep will offer overnight sleeping accommodations to anyone homeless, with no other place to go.

The program will offer homeless individuals sleeping space in a heated facility during the colder months, ideally from October-May.

According to CPCA Executive Director Susan Hawthorne, the program will launch in October of 2018, but if there’s enough interest within Clearfield County, and enough partners join the effort, A Warm Place to Sleep could open in a few weeks.

“This program is needed now, but it will take facility partners, donations of supplies and volunteers,” she said.

Clearfield County cares about its residents, and the community has always been generous and willing to help those in need, so I am optimistic to see the response.”

Hawthorne is interested in getting together with anyone who would like to assist with the project.

“We need to talk about what we, as a community, can do to help the homeless during the winter months.  If we unite our resources, we can help more people,” she said.

If your church or organization would like to join forces with CPCA, or if you are interested in what volunteer opportunities might exist in the A Warm Place to Sleep Program, please contact Hawthorne at SHawthorne@CPCAA.net or 814-404-5688.

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