Clearfield Man Waives Hearing for Allegedly Assaulting Father in Attempt to Steal Medications

CLEARFIELD – A Clearfield man will stand trial for allegedly assaulting his father in an attempt to steal his medications.

Mark Allan Martin, 28, was originally charged by Officer Ethan Fritz of the Clearfield Borough police with robbery, F3; simple assault, M2; and harassment, S.

Martin waived the charges to court at his preliminary hearing Wednesday with exception to the felony robbery, which was withdrawn. His bail is set at $50,000.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, at approximately 3 a.m. Christmas Day, Fritz and Officer Shawn Fye were dispatched to a reported assault at an Ogden Avenue residence.

Martin’s father told authorities that Martin was twisting his arm and attempting to get his prescribed Percocet pills.

Upon arrival, the man met with the officers. He was “very worked up” and speaking loudly towards them. When Fritz and Fye made entry, they observed Martin sitting on the staircase just inside the door.

The man told officers that Martin was his son, and he’s been attempting to steal prescription medication from him.

Martin allegedly grabbed his arm and forcefully removed a pouch from his pocket that he keeps his pills in. He said he normally keeps his Percocet pills in the pouch; however, he only had Nyquil in it that day.

When Martin realized there wasn’t any Percocet in the pouch, he let go of it, the man told police.

Fritz and Fye separated the men inside the residence. Fye spoke with Martin in the kitchen, while Fritz spoke with Martin’s father in the hallway.

Martin admitted to grabbing his father and engaging in a physical altercation over the pills. This was confirmed when police observed scratches and red marks on his father’s arms.

Martin was placed in handcuffs and he commented to police that he wanted a mental health evaluation. He was subsequently taken to the hospital.

Medical staff determined that Martin didn’t meet the criteria for a mental health admission, police said, and he was medically cleared.

On Dec. 17, Clearfield Borough police received a report that Martin had forcibly entered his father’s room in an attempt to steal from him. On Dec. 18, police received another report that Martin had stolen the key to his father’s medication lockbox.

For this case, he’s charged with theft by unlawful taking, M3, and receiving stolen property, M3. He waived his right to a hearing in this case, and his bail is set at $10,000.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, Officers Mitchell Klender and David Fye responded to a reported theft at an Ogden Avenue residence.

Upon arrival, the officers made contact with Martin, who admitted to having keys, a wallet and a debit card belonging to his father.

He allegedly refused to return them until he was paid back in either cash or pain pills.  He said the items were hidden and his father owed him $3,000.

Martin held his hands in front of his body and told the officers to take him to jail because he wasn’t going to return the items.

When police spoke with him, Martin’s father said his medications were secured inside a lockbox, and there’s no way to get them without keys. He said several of his medications are important and he takes them daily.

He went on to say that he takes his medication at night but will be unable to if he can’t get to it. Fye later returned and assisted the man with picking the lock.

Police later served a warrant on Martin. He did provide all the items listed on the warrant. The items were hidden in the bottom of his trash can in his bedroom.

After being photographed, the items were released to Martin’s father.  Martin was provided a copy of the warrant but ripped it up in front of officers.


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