Clearfield County Salary Board Reorganizes

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield County Salary Board reorganized for 2018 on Tuesday morning.

The board named Commissioner John Sobel as its chairman, Commissioner Tony Scotto as its vice chairman and Controller Tom Adamson as its secretary.

The board approved the salaries for the county’s elected officials. The salaries will remain frozen, with exception to the district attorney’s salary.

The DA’s salary is not set by the county, but by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, noted Commissioner Mark B. McCracken.

The board approved two salary requests from Dan Bell, chief public defender. It set the annual salaries for the first assistant public defender and assistant public defender at $43,639 and $39,500, respectively.

The board approved two requests from the commissioners. The first was to set the salary of the deputy warden of operations at the jail at $35,000 annually, effective Tuesday.  The second was to collapse a lieutenant position at the jail, and it’s also effective Tuesday.

The board approved the request from Sheriff Michael Churner to set the salary of the chief deputy sheriff at $39,000 annually, effective Jan. 8.

In addition to the specific requests, the board approved annual salaries for the non-union employees. McCracken said they included a $750 pay increase across the board.

The salary board will continue to meet the second Tuesday monthly at 10 a.m. prior to the regular commissioners’ meeting.

Clearfield Commissioners Reorganize for 2018
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