State Police Warn About Dangerous Drugs After Four Overdoses

(Provided photo)

Punxsutawney-based state police are warning residents about drug overdoses that have occurred within the past 48 hours.

According to state police, there have been four overdoses total. Three overdoses occurred in Clearfield County and one in Clarion County.

Three people were revived, but one overdose was fatal. The overdoses resulted from suspected fentanyl being sold as heroin or as an additive to heroin, state police say.

State police released the information and photographs in an attempt to prevent future overdoses.

“We want the public as well as the drug user to be aware that our area is being flooded with a deadly cocktail that will cause an overdose, which will most likely lead to death,” state police say.

Anyone with information about the source of these and or other dangerous drugs is asked to contact their local police department.

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