Clearfield Municipal Authority Reviews Bids for New Truck

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield Municipal Authority reviewed bids for a new truck to ultimately replace a 2005 Ford F150.

Manager John Williams said that the F150 will be traded in and the authority’s three-quarter ton truck will replace the F150 and the new Dodge one-ton utility will replace the three-quarter ton.

Williams noted that the F150 was purchased used and has been used hard by the authority.

The low bid came from C. Classic Dodge of Clearfield. The original price for a 2018 utility truck is $36,353.73 without a trade, but the dealership has agreed to accept the F150 in trade, bringing the price down to $32,853.

The other bid was from Dott’s Motor Co. for $39,600.

Under his report, Engineer Jim Balliet of Gwin, Dobson & Foreman Inc. informed the board that the application for the second round of grant funds from the Department of Community and Economic Development is ready.

The funds, if awarded, would be used for the Mount Joy Pumping Station. He said the first round of grants for the Small Water and Sewer grant program mostly went to Pittsburgh.

He said a meeting is being scheduled with local politicians to gain support for the application and the deadline is Feb. 28, 2018.

One of the requirements is for the project to be “shovel ready” and Balliet said this project meets that requirement.

In regards to the Montgomery Dam, Balliet said the state Department of Environmental Protection has requested a pre-application meeting to discuss rehabilitation of the dam and a response was sent requesting time to update the study and for a new precipitation study to be done next fall.

Balliet explained that in the past engineering firms would hire a company to examine climate data and calculate probable maximum flood for such projects.

The results would almost always be lower than what DEP’s studies showed and eventually DEP contracted with the company to do the studies saving authorities between $60,000-70,000 and often reducing project costs.

The next planned study of climate data for the Clearfield area is scheduled for next fall, and CMA is asking DEP to hold off on any plans for the Montgomery Dam until that study is complete.

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