Bison Wrestlers Pinned by Beavers

DUBOIS – On their opening night, DuBois delivered victory after victory to ensure Clearfield fans would go home with little to say. Out of 14 matches, DuBois won 12, getting bonus points in eight of those.

The match started at 195, where Clearfield sophomore Brandon Daubs (0-4) took on DuBois senior Iszak Kerner (4-0). Down 2-0, Daubs chose bottom to start the second period. There, Kerner turned Daubs and pinned him in 3:50.

At 220, Clearfield junior Avery Gisewhite (3-3) wrestled DuBois sophomore Alex O’Harrah (1-2). The match was scoreless after one when Gisewhite chose bottom, and was able to get an escape. Then O’Harrah used a hip toss to five-point Gisewhite, making the score 5-1 in O’Harrah’s favor. In the third period, O’Harrah chose top and rode out Gisewhite for the 5-1 victory. After the match the Bison received a team point deduction for unsportsmanlike conduct.

At 285, with the score of the match at 9-0 in DuBois’ favor, Clearfield’s Kevin Helsel (0-4) and DuBois senior Matt Starr (2-2) took the mat. Starr took Helsel down in the first 15 seconds of the period. Then Starr turned Helsel with a half nelson and got the fall in 1:24, putting the team score up to 15-0, DuBois.

At 106, Clearfield freshman Angelo Maines (1-5) met DuBois freshman Chandler Ho (5-2). Ho took down Maines and got the fall in 54 seconds using a double arm bar, making the team score 21-0, DuBois.

At 113, Clearfield junior John Thomas (2-5) was pinned by DuBois senior Trenton Donahue (2-2), raising the score to 27-0, DuBois.

At 120, Clearfield sophomore Peyton Smay (1-3) wrestled DuBois senior Lance Brown (1-2). In the first period, Brown took down Smay by capitalizing on a bad shot by Smay. Smay chose bottom to begin the second period, with the score at 2-0, Brown. Brown rode Smay the entire period, then chose bottom himself. Smay elected to start the match in neutral, making the score 3-0. Then Brown pancaked Smay for five more points, making the score 8-0, and that’s where the match ended, increasing the team score to 31-0, DuBois

At 126, Clearfield senior Matt Ryan (4-1) met DuBois team captain and returning state place winner Ed Scott (4-0). With 20 seconds left in the first period, Scott took down Ryan, then turned him with a double arm bar for three near fall points. Down 5-0, Ryan chose neutral to begin the second period. Scott was able to work a single leg into a crackdown into a half nelson for another five points, forcing Ryan to bridge for his life over a 30 second period. Beginning the third period up 10-0, Scott chose bottom and was given an escape by Ryan. Then Scott worked another single leg crackdown for a takedown. The final score was 13-0, and the team score for DuBois ballooned even higher to 35-0.

At 132, Clearfield junior Jude Pallo (2-2) faced off against DuBois junior Dalton Woodrow (4-2). Woodrow utilized five takedowns and a reversal to dominate the match with a 12-4 major decision, and DuBois was up 39-0.

At 138, Clearfield senior Quinten Edwards (1-4) wrestled DuBois sophomore Grant Starr (2-2). Scoreless after the first period, Edwards chose bottom to start the second period. There, Starr turned Edwards with a near side cradle for three near fall points. Starr chose bottom to start the third period. He managed to get an escape, but then gave up a takedown, making the score 4-2, and the team score 42-0, DuBois. At this point, it became mathematically impossible for Clearfield to emerge victorious.

At 145, Clearfield sophomore Nate Barr (1-0) took on DuBois senior Kolby Ho (4-1). Ho got four takedowns in the first period and six nearfall points to make the score 14-4. Ho then chose bottom to start the second period and got a reversal and two backpoints on an armbar tilt to make the score 19-4, and got the tech fall in 3:03, raising the team score to 47-0, DuBois

At 152, Clearfield junior Caleb Freeland (4-2) wrestled DuBois senior Austin Fairman (1-3). Freeland got two takedowns and gave up two escapes in the first period to make the score 4-2 heading into the second period. Freeland then chose bottom and got an escape. Freeland got another takedown and gave up an escape before he was headlocked and taken down by Fairman, and then Freeland reversed Fairman. The score was 9-5 when Fairman chose bottom to start the third period. Freeland gave up an escape, then got a takedown and gave up another escape. 11-7. Then Freeland gave up a takedown and was given an escape. The match ended up 12-9, Freeland, and Clearfield finally put points on the board, making the team score 47-2.

At 160, Clearfield Hunter Wright vs. DuBois Grant Barr. Barr stepped over a near takedown by Wright and ended up with five points to end the first period. To start the second period, Wright immediately turned Barr on a half nelson for three near fall points of his own, but then Barr reversed Wright, and Wright reversed Barr. On an elevator, Barr was put on his back with and gave up three near fall points, making the score 8-7 in Wright’s favor at the end of two. Wright chose bottom to start the third period, and got an escape, seconds before Barr fireman carried Wright to his back for five more points, ending the match with electricity in the air. 12-9 Barr. Team score 50-2.

At 170, Clearfield sophomore Brett Zattoni (0-4) met DuBois sophomore Lance Henninger (2-2). Henninger used four takedowns and got an escape to win the match 9-4, making the team score 53-3, DuBois.

At 182, Clearfield senior Luke McGonigal (5-0) vs. DuBois junior Eric Schneider (1-3). McGonigal got the fall after being up 13-0. The final team score was 53-8, DuBois.

Clearfield’s team record fell to 0-2. Next week, they travel to Central and Punxsutawney to close out 2017.

Bout by Bout Recap

195 Iszak Kerner (DuB), Pinned Brandon Daubs (Clfd), 3:50,            0-6

220 Alex O’Harrah (DuB), Decisioned Avry Gisewhite (Clfd), 5-1     0-9

285 Matt Starr (DuB), Pinned Kevin Helsel (Clfd), 1:24                     0-15

106 Chandler Ho (DuB), Pinned Angelo Maines (Clfd), :54                0-21

113 Trenton Donahue (DuB), Pinned John Thomas (Clfd), 1:20        0-27

120 Lance Brown (DuB), Major Decisioned Peyton Smay (Clfd), 8-0 0-31

126 Ed Scott (DuB), Major Decisioned Matt Ryan (Clfd), 13-0          0-35

132 Dalton Woodrow (DuB), Major Decisioned Jude Pallo (Clfd), 12-4 0-39

138 Garrett Starr (DuB), Decisioned Quinten Edwards (Clfd), 4-2    0-42

145 Kolby Ho (DuB), Tech Falled Nate Barr (Clfd), 19-4 0-47

152 Caleb Freeland (Clfd), Decisioned Austin Fairman (DuB), 12-9 2-47

160 Grant Barr (DuB), Decisioned Hunter Wright (Clfd), 12-9          2-50

170 Lance Henninger (DuB), Decisioned Brett Zatoni (Clfd), 9-4      2-53

182 Luke McGonigal (Clfd), Pinned Eric Schneider (DuB), 3:00,        8-53

Bison Scoreboard:

Date Opponent Score Record
12/08 & 09 Top Hat Tourney @ Williamsport 112 pts. 8th
12/12 BALD EAGLE AREA 30 – 40 0 – 1
12/15 @ DuBois 8 – 53 0 – 2
12/19 @ Central
12/22 @ Punxsutawney
01/05 & 06 @ Tool City Tourney (Meadville)
01/09 @ Huntingdon
01/11 @ St. Marys
01/23 TYRONE
01/26 & 27 @ WB Ultimate Warrior Tourney
02/06 Takedown Cancer Match
02/24 District 9 AAA Champs @Clfd HS
03/02 & 03 Northwest Region @ Altoona
03/08-10 PIAA Championships @ Hershey
Clearfield Junior High Wrestling Team Places 4th at Tourney in South Fayette
Tide Round-Ballers Overcome Sluggish Second Quarter to Down Black Knights

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