Clearfield Borough Residents Warned of Scam; Animal Ordinance Nears Completion

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield Borough residents should be wary of scams.

At Thursday’s Clearfield Borough Council work session, Police Chief Vincent McGinnis warned residents of a new phone scam.

McGinnis said the scam artists have been calling residents claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House.

He said the caller then tells the resident that they have won large sums of money, but they must go and purchase money cards, which must be sent to the company, before they can receive their prize.

McGinnis said Publishers Clearing House never requires their prize winners to send money before receiving anything in return. He said a sure sign of a scam is when the caller asks the victim to send money prior to receiving any type of prize.

Also at the meeting, Code Enforcement Officer Larry Mack said the borough planning commission has been finishing up work on a new ordinance for animals in the borough.

He said he is in the process of typing up the new ordinance, which is expected to be approved at the next planning commission meeting. Mack said he anticipates the new ordinance will be ready to come before the council at their next monthly meeting.

According to previously published GANT News articles, the new ordinance became necessary due to an increasing number of problems with residents keeping what are normally considered “farm animals” or “livestock animals” within the borough.

There have been increased complaints from residents who have neighbors keeping animals such as chickens, goats and pigs on their property.

Mack said he has had numerous complaints about the animals escaping and causing problems with neighboring properties, as well as complaints due to the animals being kept in unsanitary or unsafe conditions.

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