Penn State Extension Offers ‘Dining with Diabetes’ Course Online

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Individuals who want to learn how to better manage diabetes now have the opportunity to take an online course offered by Penn State Extension.

“Dining with Diabetes” is a nationally-accredited diabetes education program taught by extension educators across Pennsylvania.

It is geared toward anyone who has type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, has a family member with type 2 diabetes or is at risk for developing diabetes.

The course is divided into five sections: what is diabetes; meal planning, serving sizes and carbohydrate counting; heart-healthy eating; medications, monitoring and goal setting; and dining out.

Each section will provide participants with valuable information designed to help manage diabetes.

The sections are designed to be viewed individually, so participants can choose the order in which they move through the course.

Booklets and supplementary handouts can be found in each section and can be viewed as often as needed.

“For many people, making positive changes in eating habits, physical activity and adherence to medication can help improve their diabetes status,” said Debbie Griffie, extension educator and program coordinator.

“Our curriculum has been shown to help people significantly lower their A1C and blood pressure, along with providing them with skills to make lifestyle changes that increase their overall health.”

For more information or to register, visit the Penn State Extension Web site.

A variety of online, non-credit courses for the public recently have been unveiled on Penn State Extension’s new Web site, which provides a wealth of educational experiences and resources for the professionals and community members.

The new web experience allows consumers to access educational articles, videos, online courses and publications at their convenience, and to register for regional in-person workshops and online webinars on a variety of subjects.

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