Governor Wolf, Elected Officials Rally Against Anti-Choice Legislation

HARRISBURG – On Monday Gov. Tom Wolf and Rep. Mary Jo Daley joined local elected officials and women’s health advocates to rally against Senate Bill 3, the anti-choice legislation that would severely limit women’s reproductive rights.

“Once again, politicians in Harrisburg are trying to force their way into the doctor’s office so that they can have a say in women’s health care decisions,” said Wolf.

“Make no mistake about it – bills like SB 3 are an attack on women’s personal freedoms, personal choice and personal liberties. I want to be clear, when and if this legislation ultimately reaches my desk – I will veto it.”

Senate Bill 3 proposes the most extreme restrictions on abortion in the country. It would ban abortions after 20 weeks except in the rarest of circumstances, leaving no exceptions for rape, incest, health or tragic fetal anomalies.

The bill would also ban one of the safest methods of second trimester abortions, putting women at risk and taking crucial decisions about their medical care out of the hands of their trusted medical providers.

“I am proud to stand with Gov. Tom Wolf and Commissioner Val Arkoosh to speak out against SB3,” said Daley.

“Let’s be perfectly clear, SB3 is not a bill that protects women. It is a bill that would take away the autonomy of a woman to make the best decision for herself and her family.

“But that’s not all, it would also undermine the duty of doctors to use the safest medical procedure to treat a patient.”

The Pennsylvania Senate passed the bill, despite bi-partisan opposition. The bill awaits action by the full House of Representatives and a vote is expected this week.

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