Assalone Accused of Pulling Gun on Driver After Car Accident

DUBOIS – A Grampian woman has been accused of pulling a gun on another driver after a car accident.

Ashley D. Assalone, 45, was charged by Sandy Township police with terroristic threats, two counts of disorderly conduct and accidents involving damage to attended vehicle in connection with an incident Nov. 10. She is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Jan. 5.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, the victim reported that she was traveling near the traffic light behind the Italian Oven in DuBois when a vehicle struck her front passenger side as she turned right on the red light.

The vehicle that had been behind her, left the roadway, traveled up over the curb and struck her vehicle as it went past her.

At the next stop sign in the DuBois Mall lot, the victim got out of her vehicle and yelled at the other driver, saying she hit her car. This driver later identified as Assalone, reportedly yelled “no. It was your fault” as she turned right and drove away at a fast speed.

The victim continued to follow the car. When it stopped at another sign in the area near the front of Big Lots and Joann Fabrics, Assalone got out of her vehicle and allegedly pulled out a rifle before approaching the victim. She was waving the gun, stating “I’ll use it if you keep following me,” police said.

She then got back into her car and drove at a fast speed toward the back of the mall lot. The victim could not keep up with her as she turned onto state Route 255, but she was able to get the registration number of the car, according to police.

The 911 center confirmed that they received multiple calls from other witnesses who saw the suspect with the gun.

Police checked the license and discovered the vehicle belonged to Assalone. The victim then confirmed a photo of Assalone as the driver of the other vehicle that struck and then threatened her, according to the report.

An officer was unable to contact Assalone at her home. On Dec. 4 he was able to speak to her on the phone.

Assalone said she was aware of the accident because she was contacted by an insurance company about the damage. She denied any involvement with these events, stating she is in poor health and unable to drive her vehicle, police said.

During the interview, she avoided direct questions with excuses that did not relate to the questions. The officer reported she showed several signs of deception and refused to further talk to police at her home or at the police station.

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