Where is Your Elf on the Shelf?

NORTH POLE – Ever wonder how Mr. Claus knows which boys and girls are naughty and which are nice? He sends the Elf on the Shelf into homes to play hide-and-seek and to spy on children.

As the story goes, once elves are named, Mr. Claus equips them with Christmas magic. These elves are expert listeners and are especially attentive observers. In other words, they serve as the “eyes and ears” of Mr. Claus in the critical weeks leading up to Christmas.

These elves relay messages back to Mr. Claus at the North Pole after taking detailed notes all day long of the activities of boys and girls. These elves take their special Christmas role very seriously. Nothing goes unnoticed and everything goes to Mr. Claus’ desk.

Each night after the children are tucked in their beds, the elves use their magical Christmas powers to fly back to their headquarters at the North Pole. Upon arrival they give special reports to Mr. Claus.

Then, before children rise in the morning, these elves return to their host families. However, they can be mischievous and like to play games with the children who they’re spying on for Mr. Claus.

Children should never expect to find the family elf in the same spot and must have a watchful eye for Mr. Claus’ sneaky helpers.

So where is your Elf on the Shelf? Here are some creative ideas for this fun Christmas tradition.

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