Officer Phil Program to Visit Sandy Twp. Elementary Schools

Creative Safety Products will present its 2017-18 Officer Phil Program to the Sandy Township area elementary schools.

The 30-minute, interactive presentation brings the importance of safety together with a little magic and ventriloquism that will captivate the students, keeping them laughing and smiling throughout the entire show.

The program’s unique blend of entertainment and education gets the children excited about learning and leaves a lasting impression.

The theme for this year is ‘Be the Best Person That You Can Be,’ which includes messages on being a good person, being a safe person and being a smart person. Officer Phil’s pals, Cosmo and Turbo, will be stopping by to help teach some of the lessons.

The show will begin with an introduction of the police officers from the Sandy Township Police Department in attendance.

The officers will be on-hand to meet the students, to interact with them and to assist the performer throughout the show.

One of the primary objectives of the Officer Phil Program is to help the Sandy Township Police Department establish a positive relationship with the youth in the community.

It is very important for the students to know that the officers are friendly, approachable and always available to help the children and their families, when in need.

The first lesson is “Being a Good Person.” The performer explains to all the students in Officer Phil’s “Safety Squad” that being a good person is more than just being good at something; it’s about being good towards others

Through a humorous dialogue with Cosmo, the children will learn characteristics of a good person: showing respect, being a friend, honesty, sharing and using your manners. 

With the help of an officer, the performer will introduce the “Board of Qualities” and have student volunteers work through various character traits to accurately label whether the traits picked will help them to be a good person.

The next lesson is “Being a Safe Person.” Using four different colored scarfs, the performer will review relatable situations where safety is very important.  

Red represents Crosswalk Safety—looking three ways (left, right and over the shoulder) and to always walk and to never run when crossing the street. 

Purple represents Car Safety—always wearing a seatbelt and sitting in the backseat when riding in a car.  Yellow represents Bus Safety—sitting correctly and never distracting the driver when riding on the bus. 

Last, Pink represents Bike Safety—always wearing a helmet when riding a bike, hover board, roller skating, etc. 

By magically fusing the scarfs together, the performer reminds the students that it doesn’t take magic to be safe, and they just simply need to follow the rules.

The final lesson is “Being a Smart Person.” Officer Phil’s pal, Turbo, joins the performer to explain that one of the most important ways to be a smart person is making smart choices

It will be stressed that in some cases, making the smart choice can save a life.  Turbo will talk with the students about 9-1-1, the importance of knowing their contact information and who it’s OK to share it with, how to handle being approached by a stranger whether in person or through the Internet and, finally, about unsafe objects they may come into contact with and what to do if that happens.

At the end of the assembly, each child will receive a hands-on activity booklet to work on at home with their families that reinforce the lessons taught in the program. 

There are also resources available online at, and they provide teachers and parents with some additional tools to review the safety messages. 

Creative Safety Products and the Sandy Township Police Department would like to thank all of the participating businesses in the community who make the program possible.

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