Visit Clearfield Co. Staff Praised for Fiscal Responsibility

CLEARFIELD – The staff of Visit Clearfield County received praise for fiscal responsibility during Wednesday’s Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority meeting.

The nine-member board consists mostly of people who are new to the tourism board, except for a few who have either served in the past or are completing their terms.

During the meeting, the staff presented the board members with copies of budgets from the past several years and also a copy of the current six-month budget put in place to allow CCRTA to move into a January through December fiscal year.

David King, a board member appointed earlier this year, in reviewing the spreadsheets remarked that the money appears to currently being spent very wisely and commended the staff for their diligence.

He noted in particular the budgets for marketing, and it was pointed out that the breakdown of categories for marketing and other items is much more specific now.  Currently there is about $150,000 left in this year’s budget.

Director Josiah Jones is currently working on a budget for 2018 to be approved next month.

The board also approved several grants. The Coalport Streetscape committee will receive $1,000 for brochures, Santinoceto’s Italian Market will receive $537 for billboard advertising and Bob’s Army and Navy will receive $7,500 for its annual March sale event, for fliers and mailings.

Treasure Lake will receive $7,500 to update its Web site, especially in regards to golf packages, which have seen a 100 percent increase.

King, Sue Williams and Rusty McCleary abstained from the Treasure Lake vote as they all have property there; however, the other five board members were enough to pass the measure.

Also, $25,000 was approved from the Tourism Attraction Planning grant funds for Shower’s Field in DuBois.

Williams reported they received an application from Crick’s General Store in Glen Hope, but it was late and there was not enough information.

She said they are eligible for the next round and can contact the VCC offices for help with filling out the grant.

Another grant denied was for Lock Haven University Clearfield campus’ request for $25,000 to help develop a walking path at the campus.

The grant committee felt that the first phase of the project, constructing the walking path, didn’t fit with the purpose of the Tourism Attraction Planning grants.

However, the second phase may meet the criteria, since the plan is to include historical sites and other things into the walking path, and Lock Haven is encouraged to apply then.

Williams also reported that DuBois Revitalization Group had applied for a grant in 2016 and are requesting reimbursement.

However, they did not put the VCC logo on anything, as is required, and did not turn in any receipts, so the committee does not recommend reimbursement.

Jones updated the board on things he has been involved in recently, including attending the fall festival at Parker Dam State Park, where he met several people from out of the area or out of state.

He also noted that the Geocache 101 event held in DuBois was recorded and is available to watch on the Web site or via YouTube.

Jones is working with Geocache Headquarters, the group that started it all, in getting local trails featured on the Web site.

He said very few trails are featured there and it would bring more people involved in the hobby to the area.  Also, Parker Dam is creating a new trail and a new one is being developed for VCC.

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