DuBois City Council Holds CDBG Hearing

DUBOIS – On Monday night, the DuBois City Council held a public hearing on its 2018 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. 

CDBG funds must be used for projects that will support areas that have people who are at least 70 percent low- to moderate-income. 

According to council, DuBois City’s 2016 income survey shows it has a population of 52.6 percent low- to moderate-income individuals.

Municipalities are also permitted to maintain up to 18 percent of the allocated funds for administrative costs.

CDBG Breakdown

DuBois City’s total allocation was in the amount of $269,615. Of that, city officials will use $221,085 toward projects and $48,530 for administrative purposes.  

Council discussed its plans for completing an accessibility and rehabilitation project at the city pool. It would consist of cement repairs and installation of a chair lift.

“The chair lift is a big deal,” said City Solicitor Toni Cherry, adding that some people even travel from pool to pool to see if these are available.

Council also noted that there will be additional buoy ropes. Council explained that the entrance currently slopes from 0 inches down to 36 inches, or 3 feet.  Plans will add ropes to mark at 18 inches, or 2.5 feet.

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