Lawrence Township Supers Commend Police Officers

CLEARFIELD – Lawrence Township police Officers Jonathan Walker, Elliott Neeper and Craig Kanour were commended during yesterday’s Lawrence Township Supervisors’ meeting.

Walker was especially noted for his response during a fire at Lawrence Park Village last week when he entered the apartment six times in order to rescue the tenant.

Supervisor Chairman Randy Powell suggested that the township look into purchasing 15-minute air packs and place them in each patrol vehicle in case this type of event happens again.

“Hopefully it never happens again,” Powell stated, adding that they need to be prepared.

Walker will be receiving an award for his response this afternoon.

Police Chief Douglas Clark also reported on statistics for September compared to the same time last year.

Criminal arrests are up, with 54 in 2016 and 98 this year. DUI arrests are up, 2 versus 11; traffic arrests were 43 last year, 243 this year with 64 traffic stops versus 232. He added that thefts are down about 50 percent and credited that to greater police viability.

Clark is also initiating “Coffee with the Chief.” On the first Wednesday of every month, beginning at 8 a.m., he will be at the Dutch Pantry restaurant to meet with and talk to members of the public in an informal setting.

He said he wants to develop a relationship with the public and give them the opportunity to meet with him and ask questions and make suggestions.

Roadmaster Ron Woodling addressed the supervisors concerning an issue raised at the last meeting, which he missed due to illness.

He asked about the state Department of Environmental Protection demanding that the Sanitary Sewer Overflow in Hyde be closed in September of 2018.

He asked if the supervisors would contact both state and federal representatives and ask them if they would be able to contact DEP on the township’s behalf.

He noted that the township, residents and engineering firm have all been working on reducing inflow and infiltration, but it is a slow process.

Supervisor Bill Lawhead explained that DEP is after the township and Clearfield Municipal Authority to close the SSO because of the Chesapeake Bay Initiative, which means the Environmental Protection Agency is putting pressure on DEP.

He added that DEP no longer works with the township, only CMA. “It’s frustrating, but that’s the way it works.”

When Woodling asked about the Combined Sewer Overflow in the borough, near Buck’s Pizza, Lawhead confirmed that currently CMA is not being pressured to close that, but he suspects that when the Hyde one is closed, DEP will move onto the borough one.

Woodling also asked about Deacon Road being closed where it intersects with High Level Road.

Lawhead explained that several years ago, several residents had asked the borough to close off the road, so that there could be no entrance or exit from High Level Road.

The borough then installed “No Outlet” signs and installed red delimiter posts to block traffic. However, one of the residents pulled the posts out, even though the township passed an ordinance to close that section.

Lawhead said they have two choices, install more posts, or erect Jersey barriers. Clark spoke up and made a third suggestion of installing safety bollards, such as those found at the crossroads of Rails to Trails. Woodling was instructed to price them and look into the cost of installation.

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