JUST IN: State Police Investigating Burglary at Puff Super Value Store in Houtzdale

HOUTZDALE – State police at Clearfield are investigating a reported burglary that occurred Tuesday at the Puff Super Value Store in Houtzdale.

According to state police, at approximately 2:28 a.m., a suspect cut wiring to the store and then forcibly pried open the side door. Once inside, they went directly to the Pennsylvania Skills machine and tried to cut its lock with bolt cutters.

When the suspect was unable to, they left and came back minutes later with what appeared to be a crowbar. They allegedly smashed the machine and removed money from inside before fleeing the scene.

State police viewed surveillance of the incident, and the suspect is believed to be a Caucasian male. The suspect was wearing black clothing and had their face covered. Their sneakers were also black with white at the bottom.

State police also say the suspect appeared to be about 5 feet, 4 inches tall with a thin build.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the state police at Clearfield at 814-857-3800.

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