Sandy Township Considering Plans That Would Reduce Inflow and Infiltration Surcharges

DUBOIS – Sandy Township has been working on plans that would help reduce residents’ inflow and infiltration surcharges, announced the supervisors at Monday night’s meeting.

The plan involves a final list of improvements, and it will be revealed at a future meeting in October.

Sandy Township Manager Dave Monella provided a quick history into the surcharge for the supervisors and meeting attendees. 

He said that in June of 2016, DuBois City officials altered how Sandy Township would be billed for its water and sewer system. 

DuBois City previously used the water consumption rate for the township’s sewage use.

Since then, city officials had meters installed at points where the township’s sewer lines meet the city’s lines.

According to Monella, DuBois City officials then started billing the actual inflow at the rate of a city residential customer. 

“This led, at times, to a three times increase in the monthly bills,” he said.

DuBois City and Sandy Township officials have since signed an agreement, which reduced the costs.

The surcharge will remain for the time being, Monella explained, because Sandy Township tried to avoid passing the increased costs off on its citizens at first. 

“This depleted a chunk of the township’s funds,” he said, “and the surcharge will be used to refill these accounts while the I&I is repaired.”

In other business, Monella reported that he’s received complaints about the Sandy Township police protecting certain areas more than others. 

“We have a very large township with many road miles in it,” said Monella.

He explained that the police patrol throughout the area. Monella also said that he took personal offense to these allegations.

Supervisor Jim Jeffers noted that any complaints will be investigated by officials.  He also said that if the complaint is not filed anonymously, the individual can receive feedback.

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