Program of Music, Story and Song to be Held Sunday at Simler House in Philipsburg

A varied program of songs, poems and stories will be held at the historic John Henry Simler House under the sponsorship of the Philipsburg Historical Foundation from 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Sunday, according to PHF President Mark Seinfelt.  

“We’re hoping to get the Labor Day weekend off to a great start by hosting this variety show, with participation from well-known local figures,” says Seinfelt.

Singer/songwriter and guitarist Don “Turk” Schnars will be doing several sets of his material.  Schnars, who serves as a touring guitarist with the One Less Tear Foundation, will also bring an ancient and venerable piece of furniture for donation to the Simler House. 

Luther Gette, also known as Luther the Jet, recently returned from the National Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa. He will be singing a selection of his hobo and railroad songs, which were given a full airing at the convention.  

Gette was elected King of the Hoboes in 1995, and he has more or less been on the road ever since with a grab-bag of songs, stories and outright lies.

Seinfelt will be reading a short selection from his book Henri Boulanger of Mushannontown, a lightly fictionalized account of the early days of Philipsburg.

Henri Boulanger is Seinfelt’s fictional name for his ancestor, John Henry Simler, who built the Simler log house around 1807.

A special appearance by Tom Brown of Native Spirit Paranormal will add a note of grace to the occasion.  

Brown, who has recently done a paranormal investigation at the Rowland Theatre, will be setting up his equipment to demonstrate how he will be conducting a paranormal investigation of the Simler House later in the fall.  

In this connection, Casey Fleck of Philipsburg will be sharing a collection of her photos of orbs and blue mists taken at the Simler House one dark night. 

The program will be open and free to the public, and all are cordially invited.  

“If we run out of room in the Simler House,” says Seinfelt, “we will be setting up chairs on the lawn.”  

The Simler House is located at the corner of Laurel and North Second streets. It is behind the Lutheran Church and the Post Office in Philipsburg.

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