Reynoldsville Man Waives Hearing for Allegedly Having Firearm, Drugs

CLEARFIELD – A Reynoldsville man has been accused of having drugs and a loaded firearm after being located inside his vehicle under the influence.

Jeffery Allen Smallwood, 27, has been charged by Officer Zachary Cowan of the Lawrence Township police with firearms not to be carried without a license, F3; manufacture, delivery or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver, F; intentional possession of a controlled substance, M; use/possession of drug paraphernalia, M; DUI, M; and three summaries.

Smallwood waived his right to a preliminary hearing during centralized court Wednesday at the Clearfield County Jail. Bail was modified from $50,000 monetary to unsecured at the hearing.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, at approximately 4:44 a.m. July 28, township officers were traveling out of the Lawrence Township Rec Park. While traveling along the park’s driveway, a Chevrolet Cruze was parked and running with its lights on near the entrance.

Officers made contact with the driver and requested assistance from Clearfield Borough police. When officers approached the vehicle, the male driver was passed out in the driver’s seat. Officers attempted to wake him up with verbal commands, which the male didn’t respond to.

When an officer shook the male, it caused him to wake up. He then began to yell and claim that lasers were shining in his eyes, causing him blindness and pain. The male put his foot on the accelerator, causing the vehicle’s RPMs to escalate.  Officers directed him to calm down and extracted the keys from the ignition.

Police asked the male if he was OK, and he said yes. When asked why he was there, he stated he was waiting for a friend and spotting for coyotes. An officer observed a spotlight plugged into the vehicle’s auxiliary outlet.

While speaking with the male, police said it was apparent he was under the influence based on his demeanor, slurred speech and the blood-shot appearance in his eyes.

While speaking with officers, the male leaned toward the passenger’s side. An officer noticed a small bag containing a crystal substance that was suspected methamphetamine.  The male was removed from the vehicle, searched, placed to the rear of the vehicle and identified as Smallwood.

Officers conducted an interior search of the front of the vehicle. The search allegedly turned up an empty pen shaft with residue; a small bag containing residue; and a gift card holder with four small bags of suspected methamphetamine.

During a search of the backseat, police located a metal lock box and a backpack on the passenger’s side. An officer lifted the backpack, which was unzipped and open, and noticed a plastic container with a large amount of suspected marijuana.

An officer allegedly located a loaded handgun with a magazine inside with approximately five rounds. Next to the firearm was a receipt displaying Smallwood’s name.

The search also turned up a small bag containing suspected methamphetamine; a pouch containing a bag of suspected methamphetamine; approximately five glass pipes with residue; and one bullet for the handgun.

An officer lifted the lockbox, which wasn’t locked or latched. It opened when it was picked up. Inside was a magazine for the handgun, which contained approximately 16 rounds.

The lockbox also contained several empty bags and one bag that displayed “X-Tra” on the outside. Inside the bag were several smaller bags, which are commonly used for the distribution and sale of controlled substances. The box also contained one torch, a common tool used to ingest methamphetamine.

While at the scene, a dispatcher informed police that Smallwood’s license was suspended. He was also wanted twice through the Clearfield County Sheriff’s Department. Officers were advised to transport him to county jail on the warrants upon completion of the investigation.

Police contacted towing services to remove the vehicle from the park’s driveway. An officer also administered field sobriety testing to Smallwood, and he allegedly displayed several signs of impairment and he was believed to be under the influence of a controlled substance.

Smallwood then told police he’d used methamphetamine at approximately 6 p.m. the previous night. He was subsequently taken to the hospital for a legal blood draw.

Police then took Smallwood to the county jail, where he was housed on the warrants.  All evidence was properly logged, photographed and prepared to be sent to the Erie Crime Laboratory and NMS Labs for analysis.

During an interview with police July 28, Smallwood admitted to using methamphetamine prior to operating the vehicle. He said he was willingly and knowingly in possession of the firearm, which belonged to a friend who allowed him to carry it. He admitted to police that he doesn’t have a permit to do so.

Smallwood admitted that he owned the backpack, which contained methamphetamine, the firearm and other items. However, he claimed that he doesn’t use methamphetamine and he was a first-time user the night before.

Smallwood was reminded about the large amount of methamphetamine he was found in possession of. He was told he would be charged since it was in and around him and his other possessions.

Police noted that Smallwood wasn’t cooperative during the interview, and he’s believed to be lying. He did, however, agree to provide a written statement in which he admitted to the firearm violation.

A laboratory analysis showed that Smallwood’s blood displayed high concentrations of amphetamine and methamphetamine, according to the affidavit.

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